Professional Houseplant Services

Houseplant troubleshooting and treatment:

In-home or office and remote sessions
Have a problem plant that just doesn't seem to stay happy? Are your plants in dire need of repotting? Or do you just want to know how to add some greenery to your interior and want to know the best plants for your spaces? We have you covered! Schedule a time to discuss all of your options to best suit you and your houseplant needs.

Personalized, long-term or single visit maintenance plans:

Don't have a green thumb or the time to tend to your plants needs, going out of town for an extended period of time, or do you just lack a green thumb? Trust us when we say that we have all been there! Luckily, the overall care of your houseplants can be contracted for a flat hourly rate price depending on the number of plants in your home or office, the level of specialty care required, and how many visits per week you will need. We want to make sure you love your plants and they love you back!

Houseplant styling + Indoor Plantscaping:

From plant corners to full living walls or even special events that require assistance in making much more lively and inviting we are ready to take on the task of curating beautiful junglized spaces! We can do the personalized plant shopping, delivery and installation to accommodate any project no matter the size or aesthetic. 

Interior Plant Leasing:

For both residential and commercial projects we offer 3 packages depending on how many plants you wish to bring into your space. Interior plants leased from Trendy Gardener are fully guaranteed and hassle free! The interior plants that we supply and maintained are warranted and well kept so all you have to do is enjoy the beautiful greenery we provide to your space throughout the entirety of the leasing agreement. Weekly maintenance included on with each package. The best part? No contracts--only pay for as long as you wish to keep the plants!

Schedule a consultation to discuss all of your needs and our rates!

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