Saffron x Amberwood Natural Reed Diffuser



Introducing the epitome of luxury and refinement - Trendy Gardener’s Reed Diffuser in the exquisite fragrance of Saffron + Amberwood. Immerse your space in the embrace of opulence with this new addition to our interior collection. 


Organic | Handcrafted in West Des Moines, IA | Small batch | Luxury Fragrance


Our reed diffuser not only exudes an aura of luxury but also provides a long-lasting and continuous release of the captivating aroma. The natural rattan reeds effortlessly absorb the fragrance oil and disperse it delicately throughout your space, ensuring a consistent and enticing scent experience.

Experience the perfect balance between indulgence and tranquility as the fragrance fills the air. Let the alluring blend of oud and cashmere envelop you, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that evokes a sense of relaxation and sophistication.

Elevate your environment with Trendy Gardener’s Reed Diffuser in Saffron + Amberwood. Unleash the power of luxury and refinement in your surroundings and embrace the essence of these opulent botanicals. 

Please note that it is normal for the reed sticks to take a full 24 hours before it starts fully releasing the fragrance.

1. Unboxing and Setup:
- Carefully remove the diffuser from its packaging.
- Unscrew the cap or remove the stopper from the bottle.
- Insert the reed sticks into the bottle and fan them out for better fragrance dispersion.
- Place the diffuser on a stable surface away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
- Allow 24 hours after setup before reeds start to fully throw the scent. 

2. Fragrance Intensity Control:
- To control the intensity of the fragrance, you can adjust the number of reed sticks inserted into the bottle.
- For a lighter scent, use fewer reeds, and for a stronger scent, use more reeds.
- Feel free to experiment until you achieve your desired fragrance intensity.

3. Diffuser Placement:
- Choose a well-ventilated area for optimal fragrance diffusion.
- Ideal locations include living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and office spaces.
- Avoid placing the diffuser near fabrics, electrical equipment, or open flames.

4. Maintenance and Care:
- Flip the reed sticks once a week to refresh the fragrance.
- Use a protective mat or coaster under the diffuser to prevent any accidental spills.
- If you need to move or transport the diffuser, ensure that the bottle is tightly closed to avoid leakage.
- Keep the diffuser out of reach of children and pets.

5. Refilling the Diffuser:
- When the fragrance level becomes low, it's time to refill your diffuser.
- Remove the reed sticks from the bottle and set them aside.
- Pour the refill fragrance oil into the bottle, being careful not to overfill.
- Insert the reed sticks back into the bottle and follow the setup instructions mentioned in step 1.

6. Safety Precautions:
- Do not ingest the fragrance oil or allow it to come into contact with your skin or eyes.
- If the fragrance oil spills, clean it immediately with a cloth to avoid any damage to surfaces.
- Avoid placing the diffuser on delicate or porous surfaces that may be susceptible to staining or damage.

7. Product Lifespan:
- The lifespan of the diffuser depends on various factors, including the temperature, humidity, and the number of reeds used.
- On average, a 100ml bottle may last for 2-3 months, while a 200ml bottle may last for 4-6 months.
- When the fragrance oil is fully consumed, you can purchase a refill bottle to continue enjoying your diffuser.

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