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Trendy Gardener was formed to provide products and services centered around plants and people. It is well-known that houseplants make people happy, but in today's modern society the need for the rapid growth of concrete jungles and urbanization has also caused quite the divide. Fortunately, this is where our team at Trendy Gardener come into play. 


Re-Integration Of The Natural World Into Modern Urbanization 


Our Why

Our mission is to promote biophilic design to help inspire others, increase awareness, and most importantly, Trendy Gardener, is here to reconnect humans and nature one houseplant at a time.

Providing reinforcement to a connection between nature and the built environment (man-made structures; buildings, houses, cities, etc.) to achieve a more sustainable and harmonious relationship amongst one another. The profound physiological and psychological benefits of biophilic design have been proven without a doubt to help aid as a natural reliever of stress, enhance creativity levels and mental clarity, and with the improvement of an individual's overall health and wellbeing. 


Our Roots

Simple. Plants make people happy and happy people make other people happy!

Our Pledge

Trendy Gardener pledges that for every order placed we will plant up to 10 trees! We can guarantee this as we have an API installed that links our website to Ecologi. This allows for the automatic tracking of our sales and the number of trees to be purchased for planting. We feel the need to do more than just the short term carbon offsetting. Long term we strive to rebuild and conserve our planet and to inspire the same in others so that people and plants may coexist harmoniously.

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