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Providing interior plant design services for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, municipal buildings, and businesses to promote success and wellness.

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When we introduce live plants into our living, working, and recreational spaces, we notice significant improvements in human behavior, mood, participation, and overall well-being

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Transform Your Space With Ease

Transform Your Space With Ease

Connect with us: Schedule a Consultation so together we can begin designing your space with your specific vision and budget in mind.

  • Delivery + Install: Enjoy the Transformation as we deliver and set up your plants according to the approved design.
  • Weekly Maintenance: fully customizable comprehensive maintenance plans removes the worry of constantly maintaining your new plants. We handle the regular waterings, pruning, fertilizing, and pest prevention are all done by our fully insured, bonded, and professionally trained experts.
  • The Trendy Guarantee: Your investment is covered! All plants in our care are guaranteed or we replace it, no questions asked.

Explore our Curated Collections of Plants for Home and Office


At Trendy Gardener, we understand your desire to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Elevate your space into the thriving environment you, your family, employees, and clients deserve

Our solution? Vibrant and lively plants!

But wait, we hear you. Keeping live plants can be challenging and time-consuming. We know that not everyone has a green thumb and maintaining commercial spaces can be demanding. It's easy to overwater or neglect plants, and selecting the right ones can be a daunting task.

That's where Trendy Gardener steps in! We believe every environment should be adorned with plants. That's why we offer comprehensive plant programs: from carefully selecting, designing, and installing to maintaining your plants. And the best part? We guarantee their vitality for a lifetime! It's like having an effortless solution at your fingertips!


Improve Well-being

Increase Productivity

Reduce Stress

Elevate Brand Image

Customers Say

“Many thanks, Trendy Gardener, for your genuine commitment to the health & vitality of all things botanicals in our office! We are thankful for your skilled expertise in caring for our 40-year old ficus! We remain your most enthusiastic fans!”

- Iowa Credit Union League

“Best selection of houseplants in the metro, including a bunch rare plants I haven’t seen anywhere else. The owner was super knowledgeable - he answered all my questions and gave some great design advice. He even helped me pick out an office plant that would do well in the terrible lighting!”

- Shane's Google Review

How do you customize living wall designs and installations?


Custom living wall design and installation is one of our specialties. We collaborate with you from concept to installation, personalizing each living art piece to complement your space and aesthetic requirements, making each project a unique reflection of its owner.

What are the latest trends in indoor plant design?


Keeping up with the latest in indoor plant design, especially for our clients accustomed to enhanced refinement and style, is part of our commitment. We're always exploring innovative ways to incorporate rare plants, trendy plants, and the latest design trends to enhance your home and office spaces' aesthetic and ambiance.

What should be considered for commercial plant installations?


For commercial plant installations, logistical, maintenance, and design considerations are paramount. Our team expertly navigates these aspects, ensuring that your commercial spaces are enhanced with beautiful, sustainable greenery that aligns with your brand and aesthetic goals.

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