Office Plant Installation | Enhancing Workplace Environments

Incorporating Tropical Plants into Your Interior Design 

Live Plants in the Workplace

At The Trendy Gardener, we recognize the transformative potential of tropical plants in high-end interior design projects. Our unwavering belief in the vitality of plants drives our commitment to sharing their numerous benefits with you and your esteemed business.

Since our start back in 2021, The Trendy Gardener, located in West Des Moines, Iowa, has been the trusted provider of premium indoor tropical plants and has delivered impeccable customer service throughout Central Iowa. With a distinguished clientele of satisfied local businesses, we place utmost importance on your satisfaction through meticulous attention to detail, personalized service, and the provision of stunning, thriving plants.

The strategic use of plants within interior spaces is a hallmark of sophisticated design. Plants can serve as captivating focal points, discreet screens, navigational guides, space delineators, and conveyors of a refined public image. Moreover, they foster an atmosphere of comfort and well-being, all while purifying the indoor environment by removing pollutants.

Our comprehensive programs encompass a dependable maintenance contract, ensuring the ongoing vitality of your plants. This service comprises regular watering, nourishing, grooming, and prompt replacement, should it become necessary. We take pride in our hassle-free replacement policy, which guarantees the swift exchange of any plant that loses its luster.

The selection of the right plant species tailored to your environment is paramount for long-term success. Drawing from years of horticultural expertise and interior design, we possess an intimate understanding of the unique lighting and temperature requirements of each tropical variety we offer. The Trendy Gardener excels in curating plants that not only match your design vision in terms of shape, size, color, and texture but also fulfill the functional and aesthetic aspirations you've envisioned for your interior design project.


Enhancing Corporate Environments

Live indoor plants serve as natural filters, effectively removing harmful toxins emitted by furnishings and equipment, while simultaneously creating a welcoming atmosphere in corporate offices.

The incorporation of a well-thought-out plantscape within your workspace can yield a multitude of benefits. Scientific research unequivocally demonstrates that plants can boost productivity, reduce absenteeism, and contribute to the overall happiness of your employees. The presence of indoor plants also infuses a discernible vibrancy into the workplace. Our approach is founded on careful consideration of selecting the most suitable plants, taking into account factors such as their form, size, shape, health advantages, and alignment with interior design principles.



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