33-Pocket Wall-Mounted Living Wall System

Recirculating 33-Pocket Wall-Mounted Living Wall System

Rent this system for your home or office and enjoy our all-inclusive plant maintenance!


Living wall Trendy Gardener vertical garden. Des Moines commercial plant Renting. What’s Des Moines office plant renting. Commercial interior plant maintenance.Elegant minimally designed self-irrigated living wall unit Includes tank, pump and timer that is ready to plant. Simply add water, plug in, and add plants. Architectural-grade unit is crafted in the USA from high aluminum with a powdered coat finish. A slender frame contains our patented pleated pocket growing system that is made from indestructible recycled PET nylon plastics. Create a living masterpiece to last for generations.


Powdered Coat Colors: Silver, Gloss White, Textured Black or Gun Metal Gray. 

Living wall in vertical garden. Des Moines commercial plant Renting. What’s Des Moines office plant renting. Commercial interior plant maintenance. 

Florafelt Recirc Vertical Garden System

Dramatic living walls can tower anywhere in your home or patio. Each system comes with a water tank, pump and timer to keep your vertical garden perfectly fed and watered. Thin and lightweight, you can set them on the floor, mount them on walls, or put them on wheels, to move your garden wherever you like. Excess water drips into the tank where it is recycled back into the garden. A digital timer sets watering cycles and can be plugged into a standard 120v outlet.

Total system includes: Water Tank, Pump, Digital Timer, and Root Wrappers. Sturdy construction 15 gal. tank and frame made from welded 18 gauge aluminum.


Vertical Gardens Evolve and Grow

Our Florafelt pocket system with Root Wraps lets you change and arrange your vertical garden easily and mess-free.


High Quality Aluminum Construction

Built for life. These Recirc Living Wall Systems are precision made to last forever. Grow a vertical garden that will get old growth and be there for the long haul. These lightweight aluminum units will be there for you with many stories to tell.

Add-ons: Custom freight delivered to your door. •Call To Place Your Order: (515) 207-0037

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