Short Term Living Wall Rentals

Indulge in the opulence of our living walls, meticulously crafted to transform your events, product exhibitions, and any short-term occasion into a captivating spectacle. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we collaborate with you to customize our versatile panels to seamlessly blend with your space and meet your specific requirements.

Embrace the affordability and eco-consciousness of renting a living wall, a sustainable choice that adds a touch of natural splendor to any event or one-off occasion. 

The versatility of our living wall rentals makes them a perfect fit for a myriad of events:
• Weddings, Graduations, and Baby Showers: Infuse your special moments with the beauty of nature.
• Trade Shows: Stand out from the crowd and create a memorable impression on attendees.
• Conferences and Seminars: Enhance the atmosphere of professionalism and sophistication.
• Branding Events and Product Launches: Elevate your brand's image and captivate your audience.
• Any Corporate Events: Foster a sense of elegance and refinement in your corporate gatherings.
• Holiday Parties: Embrace the festive spirit and create a truly enchanting ambiance.

Say goodbye to concerns about post-event cleanup or the wasteful disposal of expensive arrangements. With no long-term commitments required, Trendy Gardener’s living wall rentals provide a hassle-free solution, ensuring a seamless and environmentally responsible experience.

Our dedication to perfection extends beyond our permanent installations, ensuring that our rental living walls receive the same level of care and attention. Elevate your ambiance with our exclusive bespoke living wall systems, lush foliage, enchanting living arrangements, and vibrant tropical plants. These exquisite additions transform our walls into one-of-a-kind masterpieces that effortlessly embody your unique aesthetic vision, while remaining within your budgetary constraints.

Trendy Gardener’s unrivaled service encompasses full-service delivery and installation for events within Central Iowa, ensuring a stress-free experience that will leave a lasting impression.

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