The Founder of The Trendy Gardener | Hunter Frescoln

Hunter Frescoln Founder of The Trendy Gardener West Des Moines, Iowa

 Hunter Frescoln, 

a biophilic designer and founder of The Trendy Gardener, an advocacy platform focused on bridging the gap between nature and the built environment. I began my career as a kitchen + bath designer, mastering the art of creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. However, during the pandemic I realized that my passion lay in designing spaces that connect people with nature to promote a healthier lifestyle.

My expertise in biophilic design and interior plantscaping, more specifically living walls and vertical gardens, has quickly made me a sought-after consultant for residential and commercial projects. My work combines natural elements such as greenery, light, and water with modern design to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also promote a sense of well-being.

 In addition to my design work, I am committed to advocating for the importance of biophilic design. My beliefs, recently backed by numerous studies, are constructed on a foundation that by incorporating nature into the built environment, we can improve our mental and physical health, increase productivity, and reduce stress. Through The Trendy Gardener, I continue to share my knowledge and passion for biophilic design with a wider audience, inspiring others to embrace nature in their daily lives.


My mission is to create a world where people are more connected to nature, and I am dedicated to making that a reality in not only my own life but as many others in my communities as well.



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