Plant Replacement Policy

Plant Replacement Assurance

What Does Our Plant Replacement Policy Entail?

At The Trendy Gardener, we offer a seamless and hassle-free Guaranteed Plant Replacement Policy, designed to ensure the continued health and vitality of your plants.

Our commitment is straightforward: if a plant under our care ceases to thrive, we promptly replace it. The well-being and beauty of our client's plants are at the core of our passion and dedication.

Our team comprises trained and adept interiorscapers, driven by their extensive experience, ongoing education, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional and consistent results.

Our TIPS Program adds a touch of seasonal charm with carefully curated rotating selections of blooming plants and unique botanical specimens tailored to your specific location. The Trendy Gardener's staff possesses the expertise to care for exotic philodendrons, anthuriums, monsteras, homalomena, ficus, pothos, orchids, vibrant Bromeliads, Kalanchoes, Poinsettias, and much more. We regularly refresh both plants and colors to maintain a perpetually fresh and appealing appearance.

Assured Plant Maintenance

At The Trendy Gardener, we lead in providing unparalleled customer service coupled with the expertise you require. We take immense pride in our work and the exceptional quality of service we provide. To gain insight into the lofty standards we uphold in our services, we invite you to peruse our Client Testimonials. 


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